[ppml] Reclamation (Was: Proposed Policy: PI assignments for V6)

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Mon Dec 13 16:59:31 EST 2004

> Earlier this year, the Board agreed to begin billing the annual
> maintenance fee to organizations holding numbers assigned before ARIN, if
> and when that organization requested service from ARIN (like IN ADDR or
> WHOIS changes). Implementation has been delayed while some integration
> projects are completed.
Right, but, if they don't need any changes by ARIN, they have no requirement
or inducement to sign an ARIN contract and, thus, still it would be 
if not impossible to reclaim that space other than by voluntary cooperation
from the address holders.

> This was my idea--I'm the villain.
I supported it.  I still do.  I think it was a good compromise between 
needs to get paid for services rendered (changes) and the community desire
that they not have some contract foisted on them that they never agreed
to just to keep a resource that they, to the best of their knowledge, 

> It could be an interesting legal battle.  I haven't seen contracts for
> assignments made before ARIN, so I can't say whether they were made in
> perpetuity.  But I don't believe ARIN is required to provide IN-ADDR
> delegations or WHOIS services for organizations with which is has no
> relationship.  Other than cessation of those services, what would
> reclaimation look like?
There weren't contracts.  Literally, you sent an email to SRI and they
said "These numbers are yours." in an email back.

You are correct, ARIN has no need to provide those services.  However, if
ARIN started allocating/assigning those addresses to other entities, and,
if more than one ISP agreed to give preferential treatment to the party
to whom ARIN had now assigned/allocated those numbers instead of to the
party who originally received them from SRI or NetSol InterNIC, then,
those ISPs and ARIN could face some interesting anti-trust concerns.

>> The v4 swamp is the v4 swamp.  Draining it would require voluntary
>> cooperation
>> of the address owners.  You might or might not get that.
>> Certainly, you
>> will
>> meet rather fierce opposition if you attempt to simply impose it.
> If ARIN reclaimed all unused address space, (since I'm sure nobody
> proposed reclaiming address space that's being used) how much would we
> prolong the life of IPv4?  I suspect it would be less than a year.
Agreed.  The gains from reclaiming v4 aren't in the freeing the space,
the big theoretical gain from draining the swamp is forcing people into
an aggregable block instead of the /24s that exist there now.  Personally,
I don't think there's much to be gained there, either, but, that's the
theory advanced by many of the same people that fear the PI v6 proposal.

BTW, congratulations on your appointment to ASO AC.


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