[ppml] Reclamation (Was: Proposed Policy: PI assignments for V6)

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Mon Dec 13 14:25:24 EST 2004

> It could be an interesting legal battle.  I haven't seen
> contracts for assignments made before ARIN, so I can't say
> whether they were made in perpetuity.  But I don't believe ARIN
> is required to provide IN-ADDR delegations or WHOIS services for
> organizations with which is has no relationship.

actually, that committment was made to the fnc, nsf, and others in
order to get permission to form arin.

> If ARIN reclaimed all unused address space, (since I'm sure
> nobody proposed reclaiming address space that's being used) how
> much would we prolong the life of IPv4?  I suspect it would be
> less than a year.

i suggest you're off by a decimal order of magnitude.  if the book
is too difficult, see george's and geoff's movie.


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