[ppml] Provider Independence???

Kurt Erik Lindqvist kurtis at kurtis.pp.se
Fri Dec 10 09:44:00 EST 2004

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On 2004-12-08, at 23.51, Stephen Sprunk wrote:

> In that light, it appears necessary to provide PI prefixes in the 
> immediate future, and we should be debating the current proposal in 
> comparison to the proposed alternatives (none) and to doing nothing.  
> If/when a viable alternative is developed, ARIN can modify or repeal 
> the PI policy based on community discussion.  Unlike v4 swamp 
> assignments, ARIN also has clear authority to reclaim _all_ v6 
> assignments if necessary.
> Today, there are about 16k origin-only ASes; that is the number of new 
> IPv6 routes that one would expect this policy to generate and is 
> clearly within the capabilities of today's hardware.  If demand is 
> significantly stronger than expected, the community can revisit 
> whether it is necessary to modify or repeal the policy to address 
> operational concerns even if no viable alternative has presented 
> itself yet.

_*IF*_ this proposal was to be adopted (and I think there are 
alternatives), I would suggest you explicitly note that

a) That any assignment made under it can be recalled
b) With what notice the assignment can be recalled
c) Under what conditions this assignment will be recalled

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