[ppml] Provider Independence???

Kurt Erik Lindqvist kurtis at kurtis.pp.se
Fri Dec 10 10:07:24 EST 2004

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On 2004-12-09, at 19.51, marcelo bagnulo braun wrote:

> In IX based addressing there is no problem with topology matching 
> geography since this is the case by definition. At this point, the 
> sites would obtain an address block directly from the IX and the ISP 
> of the IX that want to provide service to one of such users need to 
> advertise the whole IX address block. So all isps announcing the 
> address block will receive traffic to any of the sites that are using 
> IX addresses. It is up to the ISPs to decide whether they want to 
> serve such sites or not. I still think that this approach doesn't make 
> business sense. But i think that we repeating ourselves by now, so i 
> will shut up now.

So called IX based addressing is the same as buying transit from an 
ISP, so IX=ISP in that case. I wrote a small essay on that to the v6ops 
list and brought it up in San Diego, both at the microphone and in 
private with the I-D authors. And I am amazed everytime I see that this 
is till alive.

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