[ppml] Provider Independence???

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Thu Dec 9 12:31:18 EST 2004

	I do not believe that GEO addressing is the only way to solve the
PI problem.  Claiming that RIRs have a responsibility to provide something
that a significant portion of the community doesn't see as viable and then
asserting that it is necessary in order to solve a particular problem which
appears to have other solutions is, in my opinion, counterproductive.

	The RIRs responsibility is to allocate and assign numbering resources
in their region according to the policies determined by the consensus of 
constituency as judged by the advisory council and the board of trustees
elected by the membership.  I have not seen anything approaching consensus
around geo-based addressing.  As such, I don't think the RIRs have a
responsibility to provide it.

	I do think that the community has an obligation to try and address
the needs for PI space.  I think there is consensus around that.  I think 
the task now is to build consensus around the best way to achieve that.
I have offered one concrete policy proposal, which, I believe is a better
solution than geo-based addressing for the time being.  I think that there
are too many changes required (economic, topologic, behavioral, and
perceptual) before geo-based addressing can provide any substantive


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