[ppml] Provider Independence???

Geoff Huston gih at apnic.net
Wed Dec 8 16:24:26 EST 2004


Yes, "no money, no transit" is the business rule used by most financially 
solvent ISPs out there today. Other models have been tried in the past. I 
guess that most of the folk that did bet their business on other models are 
no longer with us today. So, as a logical extension of your comment, it 
appears that in order to get geo addressing to work in a routing-efficient 
manner  the consequent task is to grapple with the topic of inter-provider 
financial settlements for IP transit.

I think at that stage we are well off the core topic of this mailing list, 
so I'll take Randy's advice and make any further comment from me off list.


At 01:12 AM 9/12/2004, marcelo bagnulo braun wrote:
>Hi Michael,
>I guess that the problem that Owen is pointing out is that when there are 
>multiple ISP providing service to users within the same geographical 
>region, all these providers will have to announce the aggregate address 
>block that corresponds to the complete region. Since all the isps are 
>announcing the whole geo block, this means that they will receive packets 
>for all the users within the region, some of which won't be their direct 
>costumers. At the end of the day, this means that ISPA will be carrying 
>traffic for some of the customers of ISPB, which i guess lacks of a 
>business case.
>Regards, marcelo

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