[ppml] Provider Independence???

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> If that is what we are talking about, then we have
> a company who is in one physical location and they
> want addresses that identify that same physical location 
> regardless of which network operator provides the last mile 
> connection. This sounds very geographical to me. If ARIN had 
> allocated a block of IPv6 addresses to be used only for 
> locations in Sacramento then Ford could switch providers at 
> will as long as those providers maintain a connection to a local 
> Sacramento peering point.

Is it possible to peer privately?
Is it possible to multihome to geographically diverse
Is it possible for an office to move to another location?
> These would be provider independent (PI) addresses
> that stay with Ford Sacramento forever. In New York
> we will never see this PI block in the routing tables
> because it will be part of the Western USA aggregate.

Where is this aggregation occurring?

> In Denver, we won't see it either because it will be
> part of the Northern California regional aggregate.
> In Los Angeles, it will only be visible in the network
> that won the bid for connecting all the Ford dealerships
> in California. 

If a single provider is connecting all those dealerships,
then they don't have provider independence.  If by going
to another provider we lose aggregation, what's the

Or have I completely missed your point?

> --Michael Dillon
> P.S. Apologies to Ford for singling them out but 
> I really do think I have a better idea here.


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