[ppml] Proposed Policy: PI assignments for V6 (and v6 fees)

Stephen Sprunk stephen at sprunk.org
Mon Dec 6 14:03:14 EST 2004

Thus spake "Owen DeLong" <owen at delong.com>
> > In a significant portion of these cases, they may be connected
> > to "an internet" but not the Internet.  An internet is two or more
> > networks under separate authority which connect to each other.
> If any of the member networks on "an internet" is connected to "The
> internet", then, they fall into category 1.  If not, then, it's category 2
> and not an ARIN issue.
> (Just my opinion, but, I think that works generally)

Categorizing semi-connected networks separately makes sense because their 
addressing needs do not include global routability; policies (or standards 
work) relating to that category may be different than for fully-connected 

> > C.  In case an assignment policy is ever established, the Board passed
> > a motion setting initial fees to be the same as allocations, with
> > maintenance fees consistent with other maintenance fees (currently 
> > $100):
> > http://www.arin.net/library/minutes/bot/bot2004_0803.html item 12D.
> Right... That's what I'm hoping for in terms of ASSIGNMENT or NON-
> SUBSCRIBER policy.  Stephen, does that address your fee concerns?

If I'm understanding the terms correctly, this will mean that end sites will 
pay only $100/yr.  That seems perfectly acceptable for multihoming purposes 
and probably even semi-connected networks (though this policy doesn't apply 
to the latter).

I'm initial fee still seems steep based on the lower level of review needed 
under this policy, but I doubt I'd have trouble convincing mgmt to pay it. 
Not an issue.

> Heck... Based on the above, it looks like if we get this policy 
> implemented,
> the [fee] structure is already there.

Indeed.  Once ARIN gets around to putting this information in the fee 
schedule, everything's fine on this front.


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