[ppml] Proposed Policy: PI assignments for V6 (and v6 fees)

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Mon Dec 6 13:34:26 EST 2004

> In a significant portion of these cases, they may be connected
> to "an internet" but not the Internet.  An internet is two or more
> networks under separate authority which connect to each other.
If any of the member networks on "an internet" is connected to "The 
then, they fall into category 1.  If not, then, it's category 2 and not
an ARIN issue.

(Just my opinion, but, I think that works generally)

>> Either way, I think ARINs involvement should be limited to category 1.
> I agree that ARIN's policy involvement is limited to numbering on
> the Internet, but we sure (the public) sure have some useful expertise
> on internets.
Yes.  We're talking policy here (it is the policy mailing list afterall :-),
so, expertise is a separate issue.

> Multiple choice:
> A.  There's no such thing.  Policy requires 200 sub-assignments within 5
> years (IIRC), therefore anyone meeting those criteria is a subscriber,
> receiving an allocation.  http://www.arin.net/policy/index.html#six5
> "To qualify for an initial allocation of IPv6 address space, an
> organization must . . . not be an end site."
Right... This proposal is an attempt to change exactly that.

> B.  Except micro-allocations, which have a category all their own (above).
Micro-Allocations should still be SUBCSCRIBERS.  They are ALLOCATIONS, and,
as such, the recipient is an LIR and should be a SUBSCRIBER.  I agree the
SUBSCRIBER fees should be smaller than /32 SUBSCRIBER fees, and I think the
previously described fee structure makes sense for these.

> C.  In case an assignment policy is ever established, the Board passed
> a motion setting initial fees to be the same as allocations, with
> maintenance fees consistent with other maintenance fees (currently $100):
> http://www.arin.net/library/minutes/bot/bot2004_0803.html item 12D.
Right... That's what I'm hoping for in terms of ASSIGNMENT or NON-SUBSCRIBER
policy.  Stephen, does that address your fee concerns?
>> Or, during that two years, we can work with the board and
>> membership to try and achieve a more useful fee structure for
>> the new policies.
> Fair enough.
Heck... Based on the above, it looks like if we get this policy implemented,
the structure is already there.


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