[ppml] Policy Proposal 2004-5: Address Space for Multiple Discrete Networks - to be revised

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Fri Dec 10 17:46:26 EST 2004

The ARIN Advisory Council (AC), acting under the provisions of the ARIN
Internet Resource Policy Evaluation Process (IRPEP), has reviewed policy
proposal 2004-5: Address Space for Multiple Discrete Networks and has
determined that there is community consensus in favor of the proposal to move it to last call.  The AC made
this determination at their meeting at the conclusion of the ARIN Public
Policy meeting in October, 2004.  Minutes of this meeting
are available at http://www.arin.net/library/minutes/ac/ac2004_1021.html.

The policy proposal text is provided below and is also available at

Comments are encouraged.  All comments should be provided to
ppml at arin.net. This last call will expire at 12:00 Noon, Eastern Time,
December 29, 2004.

The ARIN Internet Resource Policy Evaluation Process can be found at


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Policy Proposal 2004-5: Address Space for Multiple Discrete Networks

Author: Bill Darte

Policy statement:

Organizations with multiple discrete networks desiring to request new or
additional address space under a single Organization ID must meet the
following criteria:

(1) The organization shall be a single entity and not a consortium of
smaller independent entities.

(2) The organization must have compelling criteria for creating discrete
networks. Examples of a discrete network might include:

* Regulatory restrictions for data transmission,

* Geographic distance and diversity between networks,

* Autonomous multi-homed discrete networks.

(3) The organization must keep detailed records on how it has allocated
space to each location, including the date of each allocation.

(4) When applying for additional space from ARIN, the organization must
show greater than 50% utilization for both the last block allocated by
ARIN, and their allocations from ARIN as a whole. If an organization is
unable to meet this 50% criteria, the organization must not have address
space available equal to ARIN's minimum allocation when requesting
additional space.

(5) The organization may not allocate additional address space to a
location until each of that location's address blocks are 80% utilized.

(6) The organization should notify ARIN at the time of the request their
desire to apply this policy to their account.

This policy supersedes section 4.5 of the ARIN Number Resource Policy


a. Contradictions contained within policy 2001-6 have been removed and
replaced with clear, concise text.

b. Much of the procedural language contained in 2001-6 has been removed
and replaced with policy language.

c. 2001-6 made it difficult for smaller organizations to qualify as they
were frequently unable to meet the 50% criteria before needing additional
space for existing or new locations. The new policy utilization structure
now allows both smaller and larger organizations to qualify.

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