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> Should we include any way for disconnected sites (which many 
> not have an
> ASN) to get PI space?  The IPv4 policy directs such sites to 
> use RFC 1918 space, but there is no equivalent (yet) in IPv6.

If a site isn't connected, why would PI space be necessary?  
RFC1918 made it so that private organizations who interconnected
would always have overlapping assignments.  Maybe there's a 
Better Practice available for IPv6, to reduce the likelihood of
conflict (by increasing randomization).
> > All such assignments under this policy shall be subject to the same 
> > renewal criteria as v4 end-user assignments with a fee 
> structure to be 
> > set by ARIN in the usual and customary way.
> In another forum it was claimed that ARIN charged ISPs 

What forum?  I should join.

> $100/yr for IPv6 PI allocations; looking at the fee schedule, 
> it appears that starting 1 Jan 05, the fees will be $2,500 
> plus $2,250/yr for a /32.  Anyone requesting a second 
> allocation pays $20k plus $18k/yr.  That's quite a difference 
> from $100/yr.

There has been constant fee-tweakage by the Board.  The current
combination of fees and waivers is such that an IPv4 subscriber
pays only maintenance fees on their IPv6 allocation. You have to
read the Board minutes to keep up, since the Fee Schedule page
is out of date.  

Start with:  http://www.arin.net/library/minutes/bot/bot2004_1020.html
"The ARIN Board of Trustees sets the fees for IPv6 allocations as follows:

XS/Micro /48 $1,250 
Small  /32 $2,250 
Medium /30-31 $4,500 
Large  /27-29 $9,000 
X-Large /22-26 $18,000 
XX-Large /21 or greater $36,000 

This fee structure is effective January 1, 2005."

See also http://www.arin.net/library/minutes/bot/bot2004_1109.html
"The ARIN Board of Trustees extends the current waiver of all IPv6 fees to
all members in good standing for the period of January 1, 2005 until
December 31, 2006. This waiver is not extended to any outstanding IPv6
related fees that were regularly invoiced in 2004."

Thus, if you are a subscriber member (already pay for allocations)
or an individual member ($500, see
http://www.arin.net/registration/fee_schedule_new.html#annual )
you will have two years of fees waived.  This seemed like a good
compromise based on feedback during the public policy and members

Would ARIN staff please update

> ARIN's "usual and customary way" has already set the fees for 
> end-user direct assignments to be the same as for ISP 
> allocations, per section 12(D) of the 3 Aug 04 BoT meeting.
> At these fee levels, I must question the viability of direct 
> PI assignments as a replacement for many or even most 
> potential ULA uses, which I understand to be a central 
> motivation for this policy proposal.  Of course, this policy 
> is still warranted for "normal" uses of PI space in IPv6.

Arguably, you could put this proposal together with the newly
adopted fee schedule and waiver and say that there's a two-year
trial period; after two years, end-user sites will have to 
decide whether to pay $2,250 annually, or return their space
and renumber into provider-assigned space.

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