[ppml] Privacy of Reassignment Information

Michael.Dillon at radianz.com Michael.Dillon at radianz.com
Mon Aug 23 04:42:48 EDT 2004

> This is really bad policy proposal. It disallows ability to do proper 
> research on the ip allocations, including geographical mapping of ip 
> mapping of activity by organization type, etc. It significantly helps 
> bad guys avoid responsibility and makes tracking them down much more 
> difficult. It disallows ability to do public audits of arin and that
> it is  making proper size allocations and assignments. It disallows 
> ability for ISPs to confirm who customer is when request for BGP route
> from new customer comes in and this may result is improper routing
> decisions. Also disallows ability for ISP to know when customer should 
> referred to ARIN because of large space that they may have with 
> ISP already and thus may increase segmentation of ip space.

It doesn't really disallow most of these things. It just requires
people to contact the upstream ISP and ask for the information. If
there is a legitimate use for the information then it will still
be available. Basically, there is no consensus in the community
defining the whois database and its purpose. Only vague traditions
based upon a completely different environment in the historical

Unfortunately this policy makes no attempt to define legitimate
uses for information but then, we've seen in the past that
more detailed policy proposals have not made it past the ARIN

That's politics for you...

Michael Dillon

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