[ppml] Policy Proposal 2004-3: Global Addresses for Private N etwork Inter-Connectivity

William Copeland William.Copeland at mci.com
Tue Apr 6 14:41:53 EDT 2004

It is unfair to the topic to restrict the discussion to MPLS VPNs,
though the issue is fully present there also.  The problem is that
multiple private interconnecting networks, regardless of the underlying
technology, must interoperate.  A working IP address scheme among
business partners, extranet customers, and application service customers
is not practically supportable in these situations without globally
unique IP addresses.  Administering RFC-1918 space across multiple
administrative domains is not feasible on any commercial scale.  

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> To address the questions about the magnitude of private network numbering
> and the process used to number them thus far: 
> The authors of the proposal have first-hand knowledge of 10's of thousands
> of PE-CE subnets that are numbered from globally unique address space.  
> Given the growing popularity of private network interconnection, there are
> perhaps 100's of thousands if not millions of such address assignments
> today.  Also, and again from the author's view point, these assignments
> made with the full knowledge of and full disclosure to ARIN or its
> representatives within our respective corporations.  The current rules of
> ARIN, though a bit vague on the subject, have been interpreted thus far to
> allow such assignments between private networks. 
> Because the private network connections are quite complex and the networks
> involved are quite large, the private address spaces employed by the
> agencies are often well populated.  To avoid any conflicting addresses, 
> private network have turned to ARIN for permission to assign registered
> space to the interconnecting networks only between such entities.  This
> proposal seeks to codify in explicit language what has become operative
> practice.

huh?  i thought one of the big promises of 2547[bis] was that it
handled vpns with the same overlapping private space.  now you
want the world to bear the cost?  gimme a break.


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