[ppml] Policy Proposal 2003-9: WHOIS Acceptable Use Policy

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Wed Apr 14 11:00:13 EDT 2004

This policy proposal was previously discussed on this mailing list
and at the ARIN XII Public Policy Meeting. The author revised the
proposal text. This proposal is open for discussion on this mailing
list and it is on the agenda at the upcoming Public Policy Meeting.

Member Services 
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) 

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This proposal obsoletes current bulk WHOIS policy 2002-4 and changes 
current Bulk WHOIS Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) to become general WHOIS 
Acceptable Use policy that would apply to all WHOIS queries.

In particular:

1. ARIN should create and publish on its website "WHOIS Acceptable
Use Policy" that will apply to any type of access to ARIN WHOIS
This AUP policy should include:
a. Information on appropriate use of WHOIS data only for purposes of 
   research and Internet operations.
b. Information on inappropriate use of WHOIS data such as for 
   advertising, direct marketing, marketing research or similar
c. Information on restrictions for redistribution of ARIN WHOIS data
   by third parties in order to insure such redistributed data is used 
   in accordance with requirements of this policy.
d. Information on procedures and actions ARIN may take if WHOIS AUP 
   is not followed.

2. Automated Internet-based access to WHOIS data with individual
queries (such as by using WHOIS protocol) should include a one-line
statement that data is provided and can only be used according to
'ARIN WHOIS Acceptable Use Policy' with a link to where the policy
is published on the ARIN website. All other access to WHOIS data
must include entire ARIN WHOIS AUP.

3. A policy for bulk WHOIS access should be published on ARIN website
as follows:

"Access to the entire WHOIS database or large portion of it may be
obtained by any organization or individual provided that this
organization or individual agrees in writing to ARIN WHOIS Acceptable
Use Policy.  WHOIS data provided under bulk WHOIS access will not
include any information that is marked as private.  Access to WHOIS
data may be by way of:
 a. Individual WHOIS queries 
 b. FTP or other type of download 
 c. Hard media distribution (such as CD-ROM) 

Access provided by means of the public Internet must require
authentication if the protocol being used supports it. ARIN may
request authentication information be changed on a regular basis for
those who desire repeat access to the bulk data. Bulk WHOIS requests
for CD-ROM or similar hard media delivery must be filled out and
signed individually for each request and ARIN may charge an
appropriate fee to cover media and labor costs."

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