[ppml] Policy Proposal 2003-15: IPv4 Allocation Policy for the Africa Portion of the ARIN Region

Raul Echeberria raul at lacnic.net
Tue Sep 30 21:28:44 EDT 2003

At 01:02 a.m. 01/10/2003 +0200, William Stucke wrote:

>Adapted from
>RIR             MIN SIZE        ELIGIBILITY
>APNIC           /20             /22
>RIPE            /20             /22
>LACNIC  /20             /22
>ARIN            /20             /20

It is not necessary right.

This comparison is very incomplete. For example, you are comparing  the 
ARIN''s requirements for ISPs single homed (/20 from upstream) with the 
LACNIC's requirements for ISPs multihomed (/22)

If you take the same situation for both RIRs, you will have ARIN /20 and 
LACNIC /21 for single homed and ARIN /21, LACNIC /22 for multihomed.

There are other differences in the policies. For example, under ARIN's 
policies you don't have to renumber your network and under APNIC's policies 
and LACNIC's policies you have to do it.

All the information is in the document that you already referred 

Raul Echeberria

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