[ppml] Policy Proposal 2003-15: IPv4 Allocation Policy for the Africa Portion of the ARIN Region

William Stucke William at zanet.co.za
Tue Sep 30 19:02:52 EDT 2003

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> Oh, very good.  Well done, Owen. Once AfriNIC is operating as an
> RIR, has RIR policies in place and has IANA blocks from which to
> allocate / assign, what will ARIN policy decisions have to do
> with anything in Africa?

Randy Bush said: -

> more and more, as the registries have seen the need for
> more and more inter-registry policy coordination.

Inter-RIR cooperation and coordination on generic policy issues is a far cry
from being subject to  the minutiae of the specific detailed policies of a
specific RIR, Randy.

Let's turn this around. AfriNIC held a policy discussion at iWeek in
Johannesburg on 17th September
(http://www.afrinic.org/meeting-jhb-17092003.shtml) Quite a few of the
people talking or lurking on this list were present. At that meeting, it was
unanimously agreed that AfriNIC would aim to reduce the size of blocks
allocated AND assigned from the current ARIN practice, to at least as small
as is currently offered by RIPE, and perhaps smaller, with the limit being
what is routable by others, rather than some externally defined norm.

In addition, a specifically ARIN oriented meeting was held on the same day.
I believe that the 203-15 proposal arose from this. Perhaps the ARIN
representatives who were present at that meeting would like to comment?

Adapted from

APNIC		/20		/22
RIPE		/20		/22
LACNIC	/20		/22
ARIN		/20		/20

In addition, in terms of "inter-registry policy coordination", RIPE
currently makes /22 allocations for their "Micro Members" and only requires
a demonstrated need for a /22, I believe. AfriNIC intends doing the same.
Why is ARIN out of step?


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