[ppml] Policy Proposal 2002-3: Micro-Assignments for Multihomed Networks

Calvin Browne calvin at orange-tree.alt.za
Tue Sep 30 17:05:49 EDT 2003

On Tue, 2003-09-30 at 17:46, Owen DeLong wrote:


> > Now you're keen to pass 2002-3 in a manner that doesn't match your
> > requirements (you want allocations and assignments) and modify and delay
> > 2003-15 to achieve what you want out of an amended 2002-3.
> >
> 1.	Passing 2002-3 will at least make assignments immediately available
> 	to EVERYONE in ARIN.  Passing 2003-15 will not help EVERYONE in ARIN,
> 	but will create a subregional exception.  I believe this to be a bad
> 	precedent.  Even if 2002-3 were not on the table, I would not accept
> 	2003-15 without amendment.  Even if I lived in South Africa, I would
> 	still think 2003-15 was a bad idea without amendment.  In my opinion,
> 	making sub-regional exceptions, especially based on speculation that
> 	some future body would probably make the same policy, is a bad idea.

Yeah - that makes sense - lets do away with the pesky old ripe, lacnic
and apnic - after all they are 'sub-regional exceptions'.

And BTW, if this were a South African centric proposal, I'm sure the
South African's could live with one bit and not two.....

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