[ppml] Policy Proposal 2003-15: IPv4 Allocation Policy for the Africa Portion of the ARIN Region

William Stucke William at zanet.co.za
Tue Sep 30 16:53:13 EDT 2003

Owen DeLong said: -

> They are not yet operating as an RIR, and, there is no set date when they
will start operating as an RIR.  They have no documented RIR policies, and,
they have no IANA blocks from which to allocate.  All of those would need
to be in place before I considered an AfriNIC RIR anything on which policy
decisions within ARIN should be considered.

Oh, very good.  Well done, Owen. Once AfriNIC is operating as an RIR, has
RIR policies in place and has IANA blocks from which to allocate / assign,
what will ARIN policy decisions have to do with anything in Africa?

ARIN will then be irrelevant, because African ISPs will go to AfriNIC, and
sub-Saharan ISPs will no longer be FORCED to go to ARIN, nor will North
African ISPs be forced to go to RIPE, nor will Indian Ocean ISPs be forced
to go to Apnic.

That comment's about on a par with those members of this list who didn't
even know that sub-Saharan Africa makes up part of ARIN's constituency.


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