[ppml] Policy Proposal 2002-3: Micro-Assignments for Multihomed Networks

Gregory Massel gregm at datapro.co.za
Tue Sep 30 08:59:56 EDT 2003

> Based on this advice, I will now advocate that we should pass 2002-3
> without amendment.  Further, I will advocate amending 2003-15 to encompass
> all of ARIN and recommend that it be passed at the next public policy
> meeting with just that modification.  I will vote against any sub-region

Owen, I find it quite amusing the manner in which you advocated the change to 
2002-3 and dropping of 2003-15 until you found out there would be delays. 

Now you're keen to pass 2002-3 in a manner that doesn't match your 
requirements (you want allocations and assignments) and modify and delay 
2003-15 to achieve what you want out of an amended 2002-3.

Ironically, you think that introducing an unmodified 2002-3 won't prejudice a 
modified 2003-15, yet you claim introducing an unmodified 2003-15 would 
compromise 2002-3??? Why such inconsistency?

Come on, give us a break. You've blatantly displayed to this entire list that 
you have purely your own interests at heart on this issue and that you'll 
happily modify whatever proposals are on the table so long as you get what 
you want with complete disregard to the negative impact that might have on 
the people who originally made the proposals.

Why don't you propose a complete new policy that sets out to achieve what 
you're looking for instead of hacking apart others that were formulated with 
different intentions in mind?

In the mean time, lets judge all the existing proposals on their merits 
instead of tearing them apart to achieve unrelated goals.


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