[ppml] Policy Proposal 2003-15: IPv4 Allocation Policy for the Africa Portion of the ARIN Region

Johann Botha joe at frogfoot.net
Mon Sep 29 12:13:54 EDT 2003

Hi Owen                                          >@2003.09.29_17:41:04_+0200

> I hope you can understand that is why I will support 2002-3 regardless, but,
> I will favor amending 2002-3 to include micro-allocations.  I will only
> support 2003-15 if it is amended to make it apply to all of ARIN region
> and not just Africa.

three things come to mind..

broken record
barrier to entry
dead lock

one of these is a sound you are making (: the second is nothing new, IP
space is a very nice example, big ISPs my want to protect theirs and they
may have a strong voice within ARIN.. which with your current way of
thinking brings us to number three.

Your idea that allowing 2003-15 will somehow have some negative effect on
2002-3 is pure speculation.. I speculate the reverse is true.

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