[ppml] ARIN IP space in African countries...

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Wed Sep 24 21:38:05 EDT 2003

They didn't get that /22 under current ARIN policy from ARIN.

For some reason, in general, ARIN has divided things into two categories:

Allocations:  An ISP receives allocations and can assign portions of those
allocations to their customers.  ISP efficient utilization is determined 
on the percentage of their allocation that they have assigned, and, on their
ability to show that their assignments were justified by their customers
under the end-user policies.

Assignments:  An end user receives assignments under the end user policies.
Assignments from ARIN do not come with membership, and, are much cheaper
per year than allocations.

The difference between an ISP and an End User is what the ORG decides they
want to be when they apply for the space.

An end user organization may separately join ARIN for $500 per year.

I believe the current maintenance fees for end user assignments (regardless
of the number of assignments, ASNs, etc.) are $100 per year.

Under current policy, noone can get a /22.

Under proposed policy 2002-3, an assignment of /22 is avilable, but, without
amendment, it does not allow for allocation of a /22.  I have proposed that
2002-3 be amended to include allocation, but, it has not yet been seconded.

Under porposed policy 2003-15, allocations of /22 would be available, but,
only to ISPs in Sub Saharan Africa.

Hope that clears it up.


--On Wednesday, September 24, 2003 3:49 PM -0400 "McBurnett, Jim" 
<jmcburnett at msmgmt.com> wrote:

> I am confused here.
> If 2002-3 is giving out everything an ISP would get,
> and would require nearly everything and ISP would have,
> why not give membership?
> IE an ISP I know in SC has a single /22, and an ASN.
> 	and ONLY 1 upstream.  They have membership.
> Why would someone with a more complex Internet connection
> not be afforded the same voting rights given to ISP A?
> Just curious...
> Jim
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> ->Hi All,
> ->I have confirmed with Richard that 2002-3 does not include
> ->ARIN membership
> ->with the assignments.
> ->/S
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> ->On Wed, 24 Sep 2003, Mury wrote:
> ->>
> ->> Is ARIN allocating IPs to African countries out of the same blocks?
> ->>
> ->> For example, are the LIRs in Africa all getting IP space
> ->out of 208.X.X.X,
> ->> or is it scattered throughout all the space that ARIN is
> ->currently making
> ->> allocations out of?
> ->
> ->My whois data research showed that majority of south african
> ->ip allocations
> ->are made out of 196/8 ip block (and these allocations account
> ->for about 50%
> ->of ip addresses assigned from that ip block - actually
> ->greater majority of
> ->85% of that /7 has not been allocated at all). ARIN has
> ->confirmed in earlier
> ->post that despite that /8 being listed by IANA as legacy
> ->internic space,
> ->its still actively used for new african allocations in arin
> ->region, but
> ->I note however that some ip allocations to africa as recent
> ->as 2003 were
> ->made out of 216/8 and 209/8 and 196/8 was most actively used
> ->for allocations
> ->in 1999 and 2000 and part of 2001. Below message from ARIN
> ->President has a
> ->promise to do new african allocations exclusively from 196/8
> ->as before:
> ->http://www.arin.net/mailing_lists/ppml/1965.html
> ->
> ->To my knowledge additional block of 197/8 is also kept in
> ->reserve by IANA
> ->for future use by Afrinic (i.e. it parallels how 200/8 was
> ->used by ARIN for
> ->assignments made to LACNIC organizations and 201/8 was
> ->reserved for LACNIC)
> ->
> ->For RIPE there does not appear to be such one single /8 used
> ->for african
> ->allocations, although 62/8 and 217/8 have larger number of
> ->north african
> ->allocations.
> ->
> ->--
> ->William Leibzon
> ->Elan Networks
> ->william at elan.net
> ->

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