[ppml] Clarification of 2002-3 and final opinion of 2003-15

Alec H. Peterson ahp at hilander.com
Wed Sep 24 15:17:00 EDT 2003

--On Wednesday, September 24, 2003 2:14 PM -0500 Mury <mury at goldengate.net> 

> I want to make sure that I'm reading this correctly:
> "If an end-user is multi-homed, and has an ARIN assigned ASN, the minimum
> justified block of IP address space assigned by ARIN is a /22. Such
> assignment will be made from a reserve block for this purpose."
> Does this mean that a particular block will be used exclusively for
> micro-assignments?  Only micro-assignments will be made out of this block
> and all micro-assignments will be made from this block?
> In other words anyone could aggregate this block in their routing tables
> if they wanted to?  I'm thinking especially of Tier II-III providers.

Anybody can aggregate anything he wants to in his own network. 
is a very effective aggregate, however it generally results in sub-optimal 
routing when diverse egress paths are available.

Based on how the policy reads all micro-allocations will be made from a 
distinct block of address space.

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