[ppml] Policy Proposal 2003-15: IPv4 Allocation Policy for the Africa Portion of the ARIN Region

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Wed Sep 24 14:19:09 EDT 2003

> In principle I support 2002-3, but..
> * It may have a much bigger impact on the size of the global routing table

Likely it will not, since, many of the effected providers are announcing
more specific holes of PA space anyway.

> * If by supporting 2002-3 and letting 2003-15 slide we end up without
>   consensus or a long timeline until we see this as policy, then I'm sure
> you   can see why I would rather focus my voice/effort behind 2003-15.

I'm hoping that you can see that by keeping 2003-15 on the table both 
are being jeopardized to non-consensus or long timelines.  If 2003-15 takes
effect, it could create more of an uphill battle for 2002-3.  Afterall, if
Africa gets what they need, they would have no reason to support what we
need in North America, even though we're asking for the same thing.
In 2002-3, we ask for everybody to get what is needed.  In 2003-15, Africa
asks for what Africa needs while ignoring that everyone needs it.

> * I see ARIN (and others) as babysitting Africa's RIR services,
>   try to think of this as a decision AfriNIC should be taking but cant and
>   is asking for your your support.

Sorry... I don't see it that way.  I see AfriNIC as vaporware.  If AfriNIC
existed, AfriNIC could take this step.  AfriNIC doesn't exist and may or
may not exist some time in the future.  I see this as an attempt to get
the policy African ISPs need for African ISPs while leaving other ISPs who
need it out in the cold.  I agree that the large North American ISPs that
have a lot of influence in ARIN are more likely to accept 2003-15 than
to accept 2002-3 because they have a vested financial interest in keeping
smaller ISPs stuck in their PA space to prevent provider independence.
However, isn't that the main argument African ISPs have in favor of this
proposal?  The need for PI space to get out from under the opressions of
the incumbant telcos?  As I see it, the providers in Africa, all of which
qualify as small providers, should band together with those of us in
North America that feel that small providers should be allowed to exist
and have all the same rights to PI space that large providers have (same
ability to get what they need, not necessarily same size blocks).  We should
try to adapt 2002-3 to fully encompass that, and, we should try really hard
to get 2002-3 implemented as soon as possible.

Supporting 2003-15 only serves to fragment this already under-represented
community and undermine the possibility of either policy getting passed.

> So I think what I'm saying is.. please dont stand in the way of 2003-15,
> or at least carefully think about why you would want to.. and rather help
> us get this done quickly.. after which you can use it as precedent to
> better the argument for 2002-3.
Sorry... I think 2003-15 is more likely to be used as precedent by the large
ISPs to say "See... This isn't needed in North America where we have large
providers.  We made an exception for Africa where it makes sense." and
2002-3 dies on the table.  I see 2003-15 as a direct threat to getting
a global policy instead of a step towards it.  That is why I will stand
in the way of any sub-regional policy.


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