[ppml] Policy Proposal 2003-15: IPv4 Allocation Policy for the Africa Portion of the ARIN Region

German Valdez german at lacnic.net.uy
Wed Sep 24 16:04:44 EDT 2003

At 09:10 a.m. 24/09/2003, william at elan.net wrote:

>Fully setting up RIR is not as easy as that, especially in Africa. Its
>not only policies and handling of requests but they need to have enough
>members to support the RIR financially (and for example LACNIC is getting
>funding from two regional registries in Brazil and Mexico, none of that
>exists in Africa).

Just to clarify a point. LACNIC do not receive funding from the two 
national registries NIC Brazil and NIC Mexico. Indeed, they support 
LACNIC's operation through two cooperation agreements 
(http://lacnic.net/en/agreement.html) and they have helped the operation of 
LACNIC during the startup process, but they do not inject any amount of 
money to LACNIC accounts. There is a internal medium term plan to transfer 
this tasks to LACNIC staff. LACNIC receive funding exclusively through 
their members

This way, no necessarily through national regstries but ISP associations, 
may help AFRINIC for running operation during the startup process.

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