[ppml] Policy Proposal 2003-15: IPv4 Allocation Policy for the Africa Portion of the ARIN Region

Mark ELkins mje at posix.co.za
Wed Sep 24 10:27:22 EDT 2003

I'm in the fortunate position of having some historical allocations.
When it came to assisting some of the ISP's downstream of me with their own 
allocations - so they could Multihome - life was not easy. The process took 
months.  I assisted with two sites, one in Namibia and one in Lesotho. This 
is not just a South African thing but very much an African thing and very 
much needed. I can see a number of ISP's in Swaziland who will benefit.

Excelent proposal.
(I'd have no problem this becomming a global thing)
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