[ppml] Policy Proposal 2003-16: POC Verification

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Mon Sep 22 17:22:10 EDT 2003

I would propose that instead of the date the accuracy data was first put in
the database, the last verified date should reflect "NEVER" for any record
which was never successfully verified.

I think ARIN staff has the flexibility to develop private fields without
specific mention in the Policy, so, that sentence could/should probably be

Further, if a report is received that a POC is inaccurate after the Last
Verified date in the database, ARIN should investigate, whether it has
been over a year or not.  There is no need to leave cruft in the database
for up to a year.  Obviously, oldest verify date investigations should
probably be conducted as a priority over newer ones, but, that is a staff
issue, not a policy one.

I think that rather than being specific about the contact steps, the 
would suffice:

	ARIN staff shall make all reasonable efforts to contact and verify
	the POC based on procedures to be set forth by ARIN management.
	Such procedures shall be published on the ARIN web site and may
	be updated by ARIN management as need arises.

In general, I would suggest to ARIN management that it would be more
appropriate to immediately email, phone, fax.  Wait 10 days for response,
then snail-mail.  Then, wait 30 days for response, and mark the record
as Unverifie or Delinquent.

Further, I would propose that ARIN should make available a list of resources
for FTP/HTTP in easily machine parseable form which have an Unverified
or Delinquent status.  It may be desirable to publish a separate In-Process
list or a list specifying all status.  Publication probably needs to be
part of the policy.  Exact method of publication should be left to staff.

Otherwise, I think this is an excellent policy.


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