[ppml] Policy Proposal 2003-10: Apply the HD Ratio to All Future IPv4 Allocations

Michael.Dillon at radianz.com Michael.Dillon at radianz.com
Tue Sep 16 11:26:41 EDT 2003

>> Is there a good reason to abandon the relatively simple 80% rule in 
>> of a mathematically more complicated formula that effectively drops the 
>> utilization rules by a noticable amount?

>  I'd have to agree with you here. I've challenged the applicability of 
>to this situation and did not receive any responses. I would think there
>would have to be good reson to make changes that waste additional space.

Have you read http://www.apnic.net/mailing-lists/sig-policy/archive/2003/08/ ?
I apologize for not getting that correctly included in the discussion 
attached to the original policy proposal. 

> I still think there's confusion between allocations, assignments, and 
>(the dual-purpose word) utilization. Perhaps if that was cleared up, this 

>policy would no longer have any traction.

I agree with you that our terminology is not very precise, mainly because 
have never clearly defined the terms within our policies. And now the 
of these terms is irretrievably lost because they are being used by RIRs 
other regions with differing meanings. At this point I think we would be 
better off scrapping the lot of them and using something obscure like
Section 7 addresses and Section 15 addresses to clear up the confusion.

If we had a document that defined what an allocation is in section 7 and
what an assignment is in section 15 then these sorts of terms would be
clear and unambiguous. That's because the only people who need to talk
about this stuff need to be familiar with ARIN policies in the first 
And if the document went on to define the algorithm for calculating
utilization along with worked examples, then we would all be singing from
the same hymnbook, unlike today.

--Michael Dillon

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