[ppml] Policy Proposal 2003-12: IANA to RIR Allocation of IPv4 Address Space

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Am I the only one confused by this proposal?  How is it that ARIN (or the 
ARIN members) can dictate new policies to IANA?

On Fri, 12 Sep 2003, Member Services wrote:

> ARIN welcomes feedback and discussion about the following policy 
> proposal in the weeks leading to the ARIN Public Policy Meeting 
> in Chicago, Illinois, scheduled for October 22-23, 2003. All feedback 
> received on the mailing list about this policy proposal will be 
> included in the discussions that will take place at the upcoming 
> Public Policy Meeting. 
> This policy proposal discussion will take place on the ARIN Public 
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> Policy Proposal 2003-12: IANA to RIR Allocation of IPv4 Address Space
> IANA to RIR Allocation of IPv4 Address Space
> This document describes the policies governing the allocation of IPv4
> address space from the IANA to the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs).
> This document does not stipulate performance requirements in the provision
> of services by IANA to an RIR in accordance with these policies.  Such
> requirements should be specified by appropriate agreements among the RIRs
> and ICANN.
> 1.  Allocation Principles
> *  The IANA will allocate IPv4 address space to the RIRs in /8 units.
> *  The IANA will allocate sufficient IPv4 address space to the RIRs to
> support their registration needs for at least an 18 month period.
> *  The IANA will allow for the RIRs to apply their own respective
> chosen allocation and reservation strategies in order to ensure the
> efficiency and efficacy of their work.
> 2.  Initial Allocations
> Each new RIR shall, at the moment of recognition, be allocated a new /8 by
> the IANA.  This allocation will be made regardless of the newly formed RIR's
> projected utilization figures and shall be independent of the IPv4 address
> space that may have been transferred to the new RIR by the already existing
> RIRs as part of the formal transition process.
> 3.  Additional Allocations
> A RIR is eligible to receive additional IPv4 address space from the IANA when
> either of the following conditions are met.
> *  The RIR's AVAILABLE SPACE of IPv4 addresses is less than 50% of
> a /8 block.
> *  The RIR's AVAILABLE SPACE of IPv4 addresses is less than its
> established NECESSARY SPACE for the following 9 months.
> In either case, IANA shall make a single allocation of a whole number of
> /8 blocks, sufficient to satisfy the established NECESSARY SPACE of the
> RIR for an 18 month period.
> 3.1  Calculation of AVAILABLE SPACE
> The AVAILABLE SPACE of IPv4 addresses of a RIR shall be determined as follows:
> FRAGMENTED SPACE is determined as the total amount of available blocks
> smaller than the RIR's minimum allocation size within the RIR's currently
> available stock.
> 3.2  Calculation of NECESSARY SPACE
> If the applying Regional Internet Registry does not establish any special
> needs for the period concerned, NECESSARY SPACE shall be determined
> as follows:
> If the applying RIR anticipates that due to certain special needs the rate
> of allocation for the period concerned will be different from the
> previous 6 months, it may determine its NECESSARY SPACE as follows:
> A)  Calculate NECESSARY SPACE as its total needs for that period
> according to its projection and based on the special facts that justify
> these needs.
> B)  Submit a clear and detailed justification of the above mentioned
> projection (Item A).
> If the justification is based on the allocation tendency prepared by the
> Regional Internet Registry, data explaining said tendency must be enclosed.
> If the justification is based on the application of one or more of the
> Regional Internet Registry's new allocation policies, an impact analysis
> of the new policy/policies must be enclosed.
> If the justification is based on external factors such as new infrastructure,
> new services within the region, technological advances or legal issues, the
> corresponding analysis must be enclosed together with references to
> information sources that will allow verification of the data.
> If IANA does not have elements that clearly question the Regional Internet
> Registry's projection, the special needs projected for the following
> 18 months, indicated in Item A above, shall be considered valid.
> 4.  Announcement of IANA Allocations 
> When address space is allocated to a RIR, the IANA will send a detailed
> announcement to the receiving RIR.  The IANA will also make announcements
> to all other RIRs, informing them of the recent allocation.  The RIRs will
> coordinate announcements to their respective membership lists and any other
> lists they deem necessary.
> The IANA will make appropriate modifications to the "Internet Protocol V4
> Address Space" page of the IANA website and may make announcements to its
> own appropriate announcement lists.  The IANA announcements will be limited
> to which address ranges, the time of allocation and to which Registry they
> have been allocated.

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