[ppml] Allocation and reallocation

Leo Bicknell bicknell at ufp.org
Tue Oct 28 19:26:13 EST 2003

Since this was the first message to bring up the 80% vrs 25%/50% rule
I'll use it as a base for the reply.  I asked hostmaster at arin.net which
interpretation they use day to day, and if it had always been that way.
My original questions and the hostmaster reply:

] Hello,
] > If an ISP receives an allocation from ARIN (say, a /16), and then
] > reassigns a subset of that space to a "end user" customer (say, a
] > /24), what usage criteria do they need to follow?
] >
] > In particular:
] >
] >    A) The customer must show 80% utilization of their /24.
] >
] >    B) The customer must show 25% immediately, 50% within one year.
] B) is the correct answer
] > Also, regardless of the answer to that question, has ARIN always
] > implemented the policy the same way, or has the answer changed (eg
] > been clarified) at some point in the past?
] ARIN has always applied this principle, as per RFC2050 section 3.1

Based on this response, I suggest updating the text of section 3 under
http://www.arin.net/policy/ipv4.html#additional to read as follows
(lines changed indicated with a plus):

| 3. Require your downstream customers to adhere to the following criteria:
+     * When the customer is a network operator:
|         * Reassignment information for prior allocations must show that each
|           customer meets the 80% utilization criteria and must be available via
|           SWIP/RWhois prior to your issuing them additional space. Note: To
|           maintain the privacy of residential customers, the person's street
|           address and phone number will not be provided.
|         * Customers must follow ARIN guidelines for ISPs
+      * When the customer is an end-user network:
+         * Customers should be documented to meet the end-user assignment
+           criteria set forth in the next section.
|         * Web host customers should report usage data in a form similar to
|           the chart shown above

I realize it's being a bit verbose, but it will eliminate any
confusion about which criteria to apply, which given my quick google
results earlier and my own personal experience is quite rampant.

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