[address-policy-wg] Re: [ppml] Is the time for conservation over?

William Stucke William at zanet.co.za
Tue Oct 28 14:47:34 EST 2003

Leo Bicknell said: -

> I had _NO_ idea there was an IPv8 proposal out there.

There is *NOT*. Not a real one.

To quote Randy Bush in response to some 'discussion' of this subject a
couple of years ago at: -

"write it off to loonies and sociopaths not taking their meds"

See also:


One particular individual has spent the last 5 years or so trying -
unsuccessfully - to persuade the rational world of the merits of his own
loony schemes - to the extent of inventing his own RFCs and bogus
announcements of deployment.

Ignore it, and him.


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