[ppml] Allocation and reallocation

jlewis at lewis.org jlewis at lewis.org
Mon Oct 27 20:10:42 EST 2003

On Mon, 27 Oct 2003, Leo Bicknell wrote:

> It would seem a lot of ISP's out there are holding end-users to an
> 80% rule.  If that's wrong we need to fix something, because 
> lots of people are getting the wrong idea.

It's my understanding that the 80% rule only applies to allocations.  i.e. 
When ARIN allocates space to an ISP, we're held to the 80% rule.  When we 
as an ISP allocate space to a smaller ISP, we hold them to the 80% rule.  
When we assign space to an end-user, we hold them to the 25%/50% rule.  

This is pretty much spelled out in RFC 2050.
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