[ppml] Allocation and reallocation

Leo Bicknell bicknell at ufp.org
Mon Oct 27 17:26:11 EST 2003

This all comes back to the reason I started this thread.  The policy
is not clear.  The policy needs to be made clear so we can't have
these arguments as to what it means.  An ISP shouldn't have to guess
what the requirements will be, or really even ask for clarification.
They should be spelled out clearly.

The problem is as soon as you try to clarify the policy two things
happen.  People think you're trying to change the policy (in this
case I don't want to change it, just make it clear) because today
there are multiple ways to view it, and there should only be one.
That represents change to the people who have the other (wrong?)
opinion.  The other is that many other people jump in expressly to
change the policy.

If the people who care about policy and have joined this list can't
agree on what it says how can we expect the average ARIN member or
staffer to get it right?

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