[ppml] Re: [address-policy-wg] Is the time for conservation over?

Michel Py michel at arneill-py.sacramento.ca.us
Mon Oct 27 16:46:00 EST 2003


> Leo Bicknell wrote:
> Using the existing table as a reference is an extremely bad idea.

If used to extrapolate, I agree. But it does show behavior, and if we
can't get it clean now it does not look good in the future.

> Most of the people I know of who are playing with IPv6 right
> now are doing just that, playing. Many IPv6 networks are in
> research and test mode.


> That means the filtering practices are different from an
> operational network. It means people put up a /64 just to
> see where it ends up.  

Disagree. I don't feed my routing crud to the global routing table and I
know lots of people that are in test mode that are very finicky about
doing it clean.

> I remember talking to Team Cymru about a "secure IPv6 BGP template"
> with bogon lists and the like....no one seems to have developed one
> yet.

It is being worked on; we are attempting to standardize the distribution
mechanism and the bogon list people have regrouped under one AS
(AS29467) and are leaning towards a unified bogon feed. Read:

> Note also, much of the junk you listed is 6bone space, which was
> done as the rules were developed, so many things were put in place
> when there were no rules.  It's all going away.

Much of? No, only 27%. 63% of the IPv6 junk is production space. The
6bone, contrary to what you say, has never been that bad.


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