[ppml] Allocation and reallocation

Leo Bicknell bicknell at ufp.org
Mon Oct 27 12:44:51 EST 2003

In a message written on Mon, Oct 27, 2003 at 12:24:37PM -0500, Charles Scott wrote:
>   To summarize, if we have assigned 80% of an allocation from ARIN, we've
> met the 80% guideline, even though no part of that may have more than 50%
> utilization by the end-user, including no more that 50% utilzation for any
> block we may have assigned for our own internal use. With this, we are
> still in full compliance of ARIN policy.

We have been held to the 80% guideline before.  I remember having
to submit to ARIN (two allocations back, I think) host tables
(really, reverse DNS files) for customer blocks showing 80% usage.
That is, if we assigned a /24 to a customer they wanted to see 200
or so individual host names.  That may be because they felt we fell
under the "web host customer" guidelines which specifically references
back to a table.

Specifically, if you assign a block to your customer the policy says:

  3. Require your downstream customers to adhere to the following criteria:
     Customers must follow ARIN guidelines for ISPs

On the (relatively few) ARIN apps I've done for more space from an
ISP they seem to want the 80% to carry down into customer usage as
well.  If others are having a different experience that's very

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