[ppml] Allocation and reallocation

Charles Scott cscott at gaslightmedia.com
Mon Oct 27 12:24:37 EST 2003

  I'm a bit confused by your response, which may in fact expose part of 
the problem.
  I don't see where in the policy referenced it imposes an 80% guideline
on the end-user who recieves space from an upstream ISP, and we here have
never used that guideline for our customers. Neither have we used that
guideline for space we assign internally for our own end-user
requirements--which is why when we use space for our own requirements, we
follow the 25%/50% guidelines for the block we assign for our own use but
consider that entire block as assigned out of the block we have from ARIN. 
  To summarize, if we have assigned 80% of an allocation from ARIN, we've
met the 80% guideline, even though no part of that may have more than 50%
utilization by the end-user, including no more that 50% utilzation for any
block we may have assigned for our own internal use. With this, we are
still in full compliance of ARIN policy.

Chuck Scott

On Mon, 27 Oct 2003, Leo Bicknell wrote:

> A very good technical point.
> There seems to be a lack of harmony though.  An "end user" who
> receives space from their upstream must show the same 80% as their
> upstream ISP (see http://www.arin.net/policy/ipv4.html#reassign).
> An "end user" who goes directly to ARIN can use the 25%/50% rule.
> Is there a reason to hold the same end user to different criteria
> based on who they ask?  Could this issue be solved by making the
> 25%/50% rule apply to downstream customers of an ISP, or by making
> "end users" who request from ARIN use the same 80% rule?
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