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Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Mon Oct 27 12:18:27 EST 2003

--On Monday, October 27, 2003 04:51:34 PM +0000 Michael.Dillon at radianz.com wrote:

>> I have a number of ASSIGNMENTS which I fully expect are mine to take with
>> me when I switch providers.
> OK, this characteristic could be called portability and is distinct from
> the ability to subdivide the space that you have been issued. In another
> context I would make a distinction between borrowed space which has to
> be returned and space that is issued in perpetuity. However that last
> term doesn't work here because space is not owned, it is issued based
> on the need to use IPv4 and presumably, the grant expires when your need
> for IPv4 goes away.
Actually, I used the term in my case very specifically.  There are blocks
which I have been assigned by ARIN which I do not own.  There are blocks
which I was GIVEN prior to ARIN which I do own (whether you like it or
not, that is the case).  This was part of what Bill and I were talking about
WRT fees for maintenance not being the issue vs. the ARIN contract.

However, for the current discussion, this is a rathole which we can take up
off-list if you wish.

So:  we have I think agreed upon the following definitions:

Old Term        New Term
--------------  --------------------
assignment      non-divisible
allocation      divisible
PI              portable
PA              non-portable

The problem is, you are still overloading divisible.  For example, a non-divisible
assignment to an end user from ARIN can still be divided into subnets within the
organization, it just can't be divided up amongst multiple organizations.  You
are going to have a very hard time coming up with completely clean terms that are
short enough for everyday use.

However, I think the above pass comes closer and I am not opposed to the use
of the above terms going forward.  I will, however, still oppose any policy
that seeks to eliminate the process for non-divisible assignments to end
users or homogenize it with the process for divisible allocations to ISPs.
There are good reasons for the differences in the processes and the policy
is pretty clear on those differences and their reasoning.

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