[ppml] Allocation and reallocation

Hyunseog Ryu HRyu at norlight.com
Mon Oct 27 11:55:27 EST 2003

As I understand for assignment/allocation, it is as following.

1) Assignment : ISP lease IP address to their customer with following
      a) no reassignment to customer's customer.
      b) IP address information management is responsible for ISP, not
            So customer doesn't have any control over it's information by
ARIN whois database.
            If customer needs to update that information, they need to
contact ISP, and ISP should update that information.
            So SWIP or RWHOIS information management is ISP's
      So in most case, if ISP give - lease in accurate term - to the end
user customer or enterprise customer, it will be assignment.

2) Allocation: ISP lease IP address to the customer with following
      1) customer can lease the subset or whole set of IP address to other
customer, which is customer's customer.
      2) SWIP or RWHOIS record management is customer's responsibility, and
they should follow RFC2050 for reassignment , which is allocation in ARIN's
      So in most case, if ISP lease the IP address to ISPs, it will be
      As a part of SWIP/RWHOIS management, customer will receive org-id or
, I would say, maintainer-id from ARIN because of this reason,
            even if customer is not a member of ARIN.

That's my term definition for assignment/allocation from Hyun's dictionary,
I would say.


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On Mon, 27 Oct 2003, Leo Bicknell wrote:

> I'd like to ask a simple question of those on the list:
>   Is there a technical reason to have a distinction between ASSIGNMENT

Are you talking about ASSIGNMENT|ALLOCATION by ARIN or in general?  When I
allocate IPs to an ISP customer, ARIN creates an ORG ID (i.e. we're INCC)
for the holder of the allocation, allowing them to submit swips.  If ARIN
had to do this for every customer we assign (in the generic, not ARIN
meaning) IPs to, most of whom will never submit a swip, the number of ORG
IDs would skyrocket for no good reason.

I agree that assignment/allocation are a bit too non-descriptive and very
easy to use confusingly (as I almost did above).  Maybe they should be
swipable (allocation) and non-swipable (assignment) and then we wouldn't
have to be careful about which of allocation|assignment we used.

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