[ppml] Allocation and reallocation

Charles Scott cscott at gaslightmedia.com
Mon Oct 27 11:49:30 EST 2003

  The problem with not making a distinction between assignable space and 
end-user space is that it ignores the issue of determining appropriate 
utilization. The 80% and 25%/50% guidelines are that way because 
consumption of address space must be considered differently for 
assignable space vs end-user space. (Which is why I noted that 2003-10 was 
problematic in that it applied an issue related to end-user space to 
assignable space.)

Chuck Scott

On Mon, 27 Oct 2003, Leo Bicknell wrote:

> In a message written on Mon, Oct 27, 2003 at 11:02:28AM -0500, jlewis at lewis.org wrote:
> > Are you talking about ASSIGNMENT|ALLOCATION by ARIN or in general?  When I
> > allocate IPs to an ISP customer, ARIN creates an ORG ID (i.e. we're INCC)  
> > for the holder of the allocation, allowing them to submit swips.  If ARIN
> > had to do this for every customer we assign (in the generic, not ARIN
> > meaning) IPs to, most of whom will never submit a swip, the number of ORG
> > IDs would skyrocket for no good reason.
> I'm thinking a little more general, as there are a number of "under
> the hood" details that would need to be worked out.
> Basically I think all blocks should be the same.  If you submit a
> swip, on that swip you can either mark it "simple" (that person has
> it and can't do anything else with it), or "subdivideable", in which
> case they get an org id and can swip parts of that block (perhaps
> all simple, or perhaps they can still set simple and subdivideable).
> Then, separate from this single policy for addresses given out would
> be a fee structure based on something like the size of the block.
> It could be based on the number of SWIP's (direct database cost),
> but I don't like that as it may discourage people from SWIP'ing in
> some cases.
> Anyway, what I was really getting at is are there tehnical policy
> reasons why one group can SWIP space, and one group can't SWIP space?
> For instance, do we not trust "end users" (to use current terms) to
> SWIP space if they later end up with a "customer"?  Or is it just a
> way to charge "end users" a lower fee?
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