[ppml] Allocation and reallocation

Jim Romary jromary at kane.jsouth.com
Mon Oct 27 11:37:54 EST 2003

|I have a number of ASSIGNMENTS which I fully expect are mine to take with
|me when I switch providers.  That is because they are direct ASSIGNMENTS
|from the RIR.  ASSIGNMENT vs. ALLOCATION is not what makes this distinction.
|That distinction is handled by "Provider Assigned" and "Provider Independent"
|space definitions.  Generally, Providers (LIRs) do not make Allocations,
|but, in some cases, they do.  I know that when the LIR was part of my job
|at Exodus, we had a number of customers to whom we Allocated space and they
|submitted SWIPs for their customers to ARIN directly.  However, were they
|to move, we fully expected all of that PA Allocation back.

I never used the term ALLOCATE for any Customer address space I gave out.
Not for the /22 to the wholesaler, nor for the /29 to the hosting client.
The party that needs to SWIP was also not controlling. In almost all
cases the large Customers knew who their customers were. We had no
clue, so relied on the Wholesalers with the large Assignments to SWIP.
It was my job to harass them to do so to get the provable utilization

I have never been given any space that I could, in turn, give out as "Provider 

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