[ppml] Policy Proposal 2003-10: Apply the HD Ratio to All Future IPv4 Allocations

Charles Scott cscott at gaslightmedia.com
Fri Oct 24 08:40:31 EDT 2003

  I pointed out a while ago, and I don't believe that anyone challenged,
that RFC3194 specifically describes issues related to actual
implementation of address space (end-users assignments) and not issues
related to the consumption of an allocation that is being assigned in
blocks to end user organizations. It was, and still is, my belief that
confusion over use of the terms allocation and assignment is what is
making consideration of this proposal difficult--which is why I brought up
that point.
  If one accepts that RFC3194 relates to end-user address management, then
it must be evaluated in relation to the 25%/50% guidelines for end-user
utilization, not the 80% guideline for consumption of an ISP's allocation.  
>From that, it's clear that the current guidelines are generous and should
impose no hardship on end-user management or ISP allocations and therefore
the application of H/D ratio to allocations is inappropriate.
  To complicate things further, I think some ISP's have incorrectly caused
the 80% guideline to affect their use of address space that they utilize
internally by not specifically "assigning" blocks of addresses for their
own use.
  I therefore believe that abandoning the 80% guideline is inadvisable,
that the added inefficiency of allocation that would cause is unnecessary,
and would ask that the above points be addressed before adoption of any
such policy.

Chuck Scott

On Thu, 23 Oct 2003, Louis Lee wrote:

> On Tue, Sep 16, 2003 at 04:17:00PM +0100, Michael.Dillon at radianz.com wrote:
> > > Is there a good reason to abandon the relatively simple
> > > 80% rule in favor of a mathematically more complicated
> > > formula that effectively drops the % utilization rules
> > > by a noticable amount?
> >
> > Yes. Most of this is explained in RFC 3194 and in the
> > APNIC paper whose URL was incorrectly given in the
> > original posting of my justification of the policy.
> I would suggest that we do not abandon the original 80%
> rule completely.  Perhaps the policy can start off with:
>   If an organization requesting an IPv4 allocation cannot
>   meet the utilization rate stated in the primary criteria
>   that ARIN uses, than the HD ratio may be applied to
>   determine adequate utilization for approval of the
>   request.
> I don't want to explicitly state the 80% figure and how
> it's applied to the most recent allocation or all previous
> allocations.  This way, the policy is a little more
> flexible to allow a change of the 80% figure elsewhere.
> (I've got another thought on this issue that I'm sure I'll
> remember just after sending this message. :)
> Louie
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