[ppml] allocate/assign

CJ Wittbrodt cjw at groovy.com
Thu Oct 23 17:41:51 EDT 2003

Well the definition in use by all the ISPs I know of and defined
by ARIN is as I have stated.  So you would be in violation.


    From: bmanning at karoshi.com
    Subject: Re: [ppml] allocate/assign
    	that may be true in your world... :)
    	I am of the opinion that if I am granted a delegation
    	that I need to apply the principles of stewardship, e.g.
    	effective utilization of the space ... if that means that
    	I have an operational model that allows me to sub-assign
    	and sub-allocate space using the same rules for management
    	of the delegation for users of my space as apply to me.
    	note that "my" here refers not to ownership of the space
    	but ownership of the responsiblity for effective stewardship.
    > Bill,
    > Allocations can be broken up into assignments and given to customers,
    > but assignments can not be further delegated to other organizations, 
    > or customers.  
    > ----CJ
    >     From: bmanning at karoshi.com
    >     Subject: [ppml] allocate/assign
    >     Ok...
    >     	grousing about terms leads me to put my personal thoughts to
    >     	phosphor (or LCD analog):
    >     allocated:  Internet resources earmarked for specific use. period.
    >     assigned:   an allocation is bound to a duely vetted party who agrees
    >     	    to manage the allocation according to the "principles of
    >     	    stewardship" (from the ARIN mission stmt)
    >     	such an assignment is considered delegated when such allocations 
    >     	and assignments are published - say via whois and DNS, perhaps 
    >     	in an rdb.
    >     	thoughts?
    >     --bill

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