[ppml] Alternatives to 2002-3 Wording and Scope - Please Eval uate

Bill Woodcock woody at pch.net
Mon Oct 13 10:46:13 EDT 2003

      On Mon, 13 Oct 2003, Gregory Massel wrote:
    > I'm a bit concerned about "ARIN assigned ASN." I'm not sure if it's possible,
    > but what are the chances of an organisation applying to ARIN for address
    > space but having an ASN assigned from elsewhere? Were there historical ASN
    > assignments?

Yes, many ASNs were assigned prior to ARIN's formation, and many ARIN
address recipients utilize ASNs which were assigned in their primary
regions by RIPE or APNIC.  So you're correct that "ARIN assigned ASN" is a
poor choice of words.


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