[ppml] Alternatives to 2002-3 Wording and Scope - Please Evaluate

McBurnett, Jim jmcburnett at msmgmt.com
Mon Oct 13 08:06:25 EDT 2003

I am not sure this will necessarily be an effective change for its
stated purpose.
In cases I have seen, 2 blocks could mean same company 
different areas, regions etc.
A company I worked with had a /16. But they announced it
as /20's all from different areas, different business models, different
Granted they were pre-ARIN assignments.
I don't think routing table size is an issue that will can be
covered with this.  Once a user gets that /20 they could annouce it
any way they want. So,IMHO, an assignment/allocation policy will not affect
the routing table or how they annouce. Take the issue with a 
LARGE LEC in the South that just deaggregated a about 1100 /24s and
annoucing them all as seperate /24s. 


> I also believe it would be usefull (for purposes of keeping routing 
> table smaller) to require renumbering when same organization 
> asks for /20 
> and prevent the same organization from receiving two /22 
> micro-assignments.
> I propose the following additions

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