[ppml] New ARIN Sub-region Policy Proposal (Rural-America)

McBurnett, Jim jmcburnett at msmgmt.com
Wed Oct 8 16:40:36 EDT 2003

I can't say this is John's exact thought, 
but this is my take:

The point is simply this:
If African Sub-Region gets 2003-15 passed.
THEN why not pass a Rural America policy.
1. 2003-15 is for a subset of ARIN
2. Rural America is A SUBSET OF ARIN
4. 2003-15 is what ALL OF ARIN NEEDS.
5. if we start passing sub-regional policies now,
	we will NEVER stop.

I see it this way, today it is African sub-region.
Tomarrow Rural America, next week Alaska,
the week after. 
I guess the question is once we start this, where
will it end? HMM sounds like another thread here..

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->> you are missing the point.
->So tell me what it is then!
->>i think am quite aware of how ARIN works, and doesn't
->Perhaps J Bacher, whose message I was
->replying to, isn't as aware of ARIN's workings
->as you are.
->Is your point that rural ISPs should be able
->to easily get an IPv6 /32?
->Or is your point that rural ISPs could advance
->the use of IPv6 if we set aside some /32's and
->suballocate a /45 to each one of them? Maybe
->one /32 per state?
->--Michael Dillon

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