[ppml] Afrinic and so-called sub-regional policies

Bill Woodcock woody at pch.net
Wed Oct 8 03:34:10 EDT 2003

      On Mon, 6 Oct 2003, Trevor Paquette wrote:
    > Don't assume this whole Africa thing will never happen again..
    > You'd best err on the side of 'when' it happens again..
    > Wait till Russia wants thier own RIR..

If it's a country, it's an NIR, not an RIR.  Please, please, please, try
to inform yourself at least a little bit about the status quo and the
process we're involved in before ranting about Quebequois separatism or
whatever, and trying to equate Africa and Quebec.  Africa is a continent.
A continent full of people who have vastly different problems than you do.


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