[ppml] Afrinic and so-called sub-regional policies

Trevor Paquette Trevor.Paquette at TeraGo.ca
Tue Oct 7 11:30:16 EDT 2003

And out of those 778 million people how many actually "have" Internet services?

Compare that to North America on a percentage basis and I think you'll find that the percentage is considerably higher in North America then in Africa. I hope this puts your concerns into perspective.

I fully support the creation of AFRINIC, there is a need for it as voiced by some members to this group.

However, until AFRINIC becomes a reality and (this is the keyword here 'AND') they can set their own policies and guidelines, they must live within the policies setout for all of ARIN.

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> > Don't assume this whole Africa thing will never happen again.. You'd best
> > err on the side of 'when' it happens again.. and 'when' it does, look for
> > that new country to want their own policies etc.. Wait till Russia wants
> > thier own RIR.. and all of the other new contries that were created by the
> > breakup of the USSR.
> I didn't know whether to burst out laughing or in tears when I read this.
> The last time I checked, 'Africa' was a *CONTINENT*, comprising 53 countries 
> 20% of the earth's land, and approximately 778 million people.
> Its population is approximately 1.61 times the population of the North 
> American continent and its size approximately 1.23 times the size of the 
> North American continent.
> I cannot confirm the exact validity of this data, but the source I've obtained 
> it from is http://www.worldatlas.com/ and I have no reason to disbelieve it.
> I hope that puts your concerns in perspective...
> --Greg

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