[ppml]How far is too far?

Marshall Eubanks tme at multicasttech.com
Sat Oct 4 11:00:37 EDT 2003

On Sat, 4 Oct 2003 10:06:54 -0400
 "McBurnett, Jim" <jmcburnett at msmgmt.com> wrote:
> > You need to be careful here.  AS numbers are actually a more limited 
> > resource than IPv4 addresses!  While I haven't looked at the 
> > ARIN graphs 
> > recently, a couple years ago ASN exhaustion was the most immediate 
> > threat, although plans were being discussed to extend it....
> > -- 
> Please forgive my ignorance here.
> But after the dot-bomb shouldn't a large number of ASN's
> now be unused?  and not just that, what about the 
> mergers? uunet alternet worldcom etc...
> When looking at the netatlantis.org site, I seem to 
> see large gaps..

15776 in my BGP address tables, 30,000 or so assigned or allocated (IANA
isn't talking to me this morning...).

Exhaustion looks to be about one doubling away, with a doubling time
of ~ 5 years.

So you might be able to recover 50% if you were very aggressive, which would buy
you 3 years or so, which I regard as highly optimistic.

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I suspect you would have a hard time getting back any ASN currently in use.

> Should we not be considering ASN reclamation?
> just a thought...
> Jim 

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