[ppml] Policy Proposal 2003-15: IPv4 Allocation Policy for the Africa Portion of the ARIN Region

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Fri Oct 3 13:23:07 EDT 2003

>> I think that trying to pretend that ARIN is two separate sub-regions and
>> create
>> two separate voting bodies within ARIN to set policies for those
>> sub-regions isn't likely to be a successful strategy.
> Actually, as I understand it, ARIN already runs separate policies for
> sub-regions - at least we get our addresses from separate blocks
> according to which sub-region we're in - this has happened for a while.

That is not policy, that is just good space management knowing that the
separation is likely coming.  Pretending that having ARIN set separate
policy for Sub-Equatorial Africa separately from the rest of ARIN will
somehow be a good thing for ARIN or for AfriNIC when all it really does
is create a larger set of policies for AfriNIC to have to combine/
sort out in creating a unified AfriNIC policy is not a good plan for

> We get to mess in each other's affairs to an extent we probably
> shouldn't :).

Agreed.  The solution for that is to create AfriNIC and have it be it's
own RIR with it's own policies.  I fully support that.  Creating more
ARIN policy that is specific to Sub-Equatorial Africa is a bad hack and
in my opinion will create more problems than it will solve.  However, I'm
hoping that since we have found we may be able to get the policies we
need without dealy, you will:

	1.	Support expanding 2002-3 to include allocations and passing
		that at the meeting.

	2.	Failing 1, support 2002-3 as is.

	3.	Failing 1, support expanding 2003-15 to include all of ARIN
		and passing it at the meeting.

	4.	Failing 1 and 3, accept my support of 2003-15 as is with a
		request that the AC bring an all-ARIN /22 allocation policy
		to the next meeting for passage.

As I said, if we absolutely can't get what is needed for ALL of ARIN, then,
I will be willing to support getting what is needed for Africa.  However,
since all of ARIN needs this, I will _NOT_ support giving it to just Africa
until we have determined that the voting body of ARIN trul wants to
disenfranchise the small(er) North American Organizations.

> It's wrong, it's broken, but it's the reality and we're busy fixing it
> :)
Absolutely.  We don't disagree on anything here except the validity of
one particular bandaid in the fix process.  I think our differences come
from a difference in historical perspective on the issue.  I suspect that
you and most of your colleagues are not very familiar with the history of
this issue in ARIN, so, you don't see the disenfranchisement of which I
speak.  I think each and every one of you on the list has done an excellent
job of representing your position, and, I applaud your efforts even though
I don't agree with part of your conclusion.

I am hoping that the above order of support is something you and your
colleagues will be able to unite with North American ISPs and support.
Let's try first to fix this for everyone and get AfriNIC up and running
to make it's own policies ASAP.  Let's treat the symptoms only if we
are denied the cure.



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