[ppml] My idea was a non-starter

Michael.Dillon at radianz.com Michael.Dillon at radianz.com
Fri Oct 3 10:20:39 EDT 2003

>So, anyone care to argue AGAINST
>changing either assignments or allocations under ANY policy variation?

I am opposed to changing the assignments/allocations
language of proposal 2003-15 for reasons which I
have stated before and which several people have 
publicly agreed with. Namely, this is a "made-in-Africa"
policy proposal for Africans and we should simply
rubberstamp it based on the fact that the Africans
have agreed to this proposal.

I am also opposed to changing 2003-3 in any way.
If people feel that it doesn't go far enough, then
they should 100% support this as an incremental 
proposal and later introduce a new proposal that 
will complete what was started *LAST YEAR*. This
is not about designing networks or new product
offerings, its about policy. That, by definition,
is politics and it can be messy and ugly and
anything but elegant.

When considering purely the North American
situation and the comments people have made
about micro address blocks I have not seen a
single negative comment against 2002-3 that
was anything more than a complaint that it 
was an ugly and non-elegant way to go about

We don't need elegance here and we don't need
to solve all problems in a single new policy.
But we do need to give clear *DIRECTION* to 
the AC and the BoT. That word again is "direction"
and not "final solution". If an area needs
new policy and there is a proposal that
heads in the right direction then we should
all support it and move on.

There is always the next meeting for any
additional changes.

--Michael Dillon

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