[ppml] My idea was a non-starter

william at elan.net william at elan.net
Thu Oct 2 14:36:39 EDT 2003

> > Question 4 (asked if there is no clear support on Question 3)
> > 		Is there support for 2003-15 if it was modified and
> > 		references to it being only for African portion of ARIN
> > 		removed and if it included only option "b" (multi-homing
> > 		requirement with existing use of two /24s) under allocation
> > 		criteria
> >
> I'm not sure whether that would still meet the needs of AfriNIC, so, absent
> positive comment on this from them, I would hesitate to introduce such a
> question.  I don't think we should do this if they don't support it.

That is exactly why below I wrote that Question 5 should be asked no 
matter what support is there for question 4 (micro-allocations only to 
multi-homed ISPs may have larger support in US, but such micro-allocations
maybe needed for african region even without multi-homing requirement 
because they do not have as many providers and in some countries telecom
services are monopolized by country telco as has been previously discussed)

In case both Question 4 and Question 5 have support, the policy will need 
to be modified by AC after the meeting prior to it being sent to BOT to 
say that option a. (no multi-homing but 4 previously allocated /24) is 
available only for ISPs in African region while option b. would remain
available for other ARIN regions as well.

> > Question 5 (asked no matter what support is there for Question 4)
> > 		Is there support for 2003-15 as is only for African Region
> >
> I have no problem with this.  I view it as a formalization of what I 
> originally posted.
> Owen

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